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Tips on reducing gastric related problems

Digestion | March 18th | By J.S.Chang, RD


Irregular mealtimes and excessive stress can lead to a host of problems for your digestive system, especially for those office workers.

While gastric pain can be treated with antacids, there are also simple ways to manage the pain when it comes to your lifestyle choices and diet with these tips below.


1. Eat on regular intervals and avoid skipping meals

When you eat meals on time, stomach will be accustomed to release its gastric juices only during mealtimes instead of erratically.

If you skip meals, the gastric juices will also irritate and cause upset to your stomach.


2. ‚ÄčEat smaller but more frequent meals

Rather than three large meals a day, having five or six smaller meals can help with easier digestion and avoid indigestion or other digestive problems.


3. Avoid over-eating and eat slowly

When you chew well and sip a glass of water between mouthfuls, your body is given time to relay satiety signals from your gut to brain and help you better gauge your hunger.

Overeating can also easily cause indigestion as sudden consumption of excessive food can lead to pressure build-up of the abdominal wall.


4. Avoid foods that give rise to gas production and irritation in the stomach

Food and beverages to avoid include spicy foods, onions, garlic, high-fat dairy products, tomato and tomato products, citrus fruits, and fried food.

They can cause irritation in the stomach and hinders it from healing well from gastric pain symptoms.


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