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The Best Place To Buy Your Supplements Online, According to a Dietitian

General Health | October 5th | By J.S.Chang, RD


With so many websites and brands to choose from, it can be difficult for consumers when it comes to choosing the best supplements online. Of course, there are tons of reliable and reputable brands or suppliers which offer their quality products, but behind all those, what we think is more important is choosing the right vitamins depending on your body and individual needs.

Unless you are 100% certain of what supplements you need to take, buying them online can be somewhat harmful to you if you do not know what you are taking. Of course, it might not have the same harmful effect as compared to taking the wrong drugs, but still. 

To surely know which vitamins suit you and your needs, we recommend that you go through an online health assessment which is specially designed by healthcare professionals to address your health concerns and get your recommended vitamins. 
By combining both quality products and a personalized regime for each person, we really think this is the best place to buy your supplements online.

There are also somethings that you should know when buying supplements online:


1. Look for product labels and ingredient lists

Product labels are one of the most important things you should look for when buying supplements, as you can know what the product actually contains and you can judge whether it is the right formula or ingredient for you. 


2. Look for registration numbers

Based on countries, they may have different product registration numbers and format, so always know what they are and try to look for them. Those that are lacking such approved registration numbers are not necessarily not genuine, just that those approved are more highly likely to be safe. 


3. Don’t expect it to be a miracle pill

Unlike drugs, supplements do not really possess the ability to cure any disease, but it is merely a prevention and support to your health. So, don’t expect it to have a very dramatic and immediate response to any symptoms you may have. Instead, they should be taken for a period of time in order for your body to show any kind of improvement.


4. Seeing false claims

While it may be tempting to listen to such claims and try it out, sad to say it usually will end up with you disappointed. They could be making claims like “guarantee to lose weight in 3 weeks” or “lose X pounds of fat and still eat like a king”, but deep down you know it is too good to be true. Supplements just don’t work that way. You will have to pair it with a healthy and balanced diet to see 1etter results.


To sum it up,

Any brands of vitamins and supplements that you choose are of course up to you, but bear in mind taking the right ones for you will show a much better result in the same amount of time. Plus, you will be saving up a lot of money by avoiding unnecessary supplements!


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