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Oliver Mun, BFSN

“Eating well is a form of self-love.”


Oliver fell in love with nutrition ever since she was in secondary school. Her friend once prepared a sandwich for her with the nutrition facts labelled on the packaging. She was deeply inspired by the small and simple gesture of hers and to her, it was meaningful and crucial to equip ourselves with the correct nutritional knowledge in order to help ourselves and our loved ones.

She graduated from University Malaya Sabah in Food Science and Nutrition. After graduation, she had worked in a wellness centre which is owned by a rheumatologist, which allows her to be more passionate towards her career as a nutritionist to help the community in terms of eating habits.


    - Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition, University Malaya Sabah
    - JPA Scholarship Holder


    - Nutritionist in Wellness Centre
    - Creator of Facebook page “Feeling Healthy”